Hi Carol,

Here are all my financials for my business for 2020. 

CLICK HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kj79B8EZv00So-6elbrPqmoqJt1Vw92p?usp=sharing

I separated my expenses.  I lost more this past year than most, and please feel free to ignore expenses if you think they may cause the IRS to flag me. 

  • The first section is all my recurring expenses and fees for services. 
  • The second second is mileage to weddings. 

The three sections below that are equipment and you can feel free to ignore any of these you see fit. 

  • Section four is a new camera I bought in January with the intention I would have an assistant to help me with wedding videos.  I wanted her to use the same camera as me. Well, that didn't happen last year. LOL Maybe next.
  • Section five is gear for Webcasting weddings.  I had two couples ask me if I could stream their weddings to people who could not make it due to Covid. I only used it for one wedding. And things are opening up and I may not need it in the future. Though I will try to find ways to market that service for other things. 
  • Section six is general gear I bought as needed based on different setups I was experimenting with for future work. Typical stuff you have seen in past years. 

If you need to remove any gear or any of these sections to prevent any red flags, please do. I don't mind dropping the expenses. 


Thank you